E36: Andres Rocha & Mason Morris

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Street show season is back in full force at The Blue Light Live, and Quayde was there to catch up with Koe Wetzel’s drummer Andres Rocha and bass guitarist Mason Morris. The band was fresh off of playing a redneck demolition derby and were in the middle of a lengthy run. They’ve had a crazy-packed year, as anyone might guess with Koe’s meteoric success. They’re transitioning to bus life, and the time machine aspect of being able to wake up in a different city each day (we are assured the sprinter and the church van are still in existence, because nostalgia). Hear of classic bus shenanigans involving Koe, Storm’s Hamburgers and missing bed curtains. The guys have been calming down after the “Rumple Tour 2017,” but we do get a good throwback story that takes a turn when Andres chugs soap on accident. But for real, why do people use liquor bottles for decoration?