Ben Ryan – The Shake

As most of us know, there are many “new” bands or artists out there these days but one in particular stands out the most to me. Folk Family Revival, while having been around for a few years, are making some waves and shaking things up, so to speak.  The first track I ever heard was Mountains from the Unfolding album back in 2011 and was hooked.

As they’ve progressed and matured, their sound has too.  Sort of a psychedelic folk fusion with a few drops of blues and country.  Lyrically, their writing has a way to reach the depths of you.  You can actually picture in your mind what the song is talking about.  I’m willing to bet when folks first heard If It Don’t Kill You they didn’t know what to do, in a good way.  Their church band roots, musical influences and party lifestyle make them unique in a diluted scene.  Their latest album, Water Walker, came out April 7th and will cause an eargasm.  I’d say it’s a borderline spiritual experience.

Their show doesn’t have the attitude of “Look at us we’re the band.”  It’s more along the lines of “We’re going to get up and play some music, hope you like it.  Either way let’s have a fun time tonight.”  Folk Family Revival is a fan’s band with an experience unlike any other.  I’ve caught shows from San Angelo to College Station to Fort Worth and they never disappoint.  As they continue to make their mark, the scale of venues they’re invited to play has increased not only is size but also popularity.  Take notice and remember the name because they’re the next big thing. BR