Amazon for Artists

Amazon has rolled out their version of the artist portal (following the accomplishments of Spotify, Pandora and Apple). So, how does this work?

1. Download the App

Amazon for Artists is now available on the Apple and Android app stores. The apps are free, so do not hesitate to download them.

2. Search For Your Artist Profile

If you have ever distributed your music to Amazon, you will have a profile. What happens if my music is showing up on an artist with a similar name? Reach out to your distributor so they can work directly with Amazon to untangle those artist profiles.

3. Link Your Social Media

You will be asked to link your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to your Amazon for Artists profile. Sound familiar? It should! You did this for Spotify for Artists, Pandora AMP and Apple for Artists.

4. Add Company Details

Are you the artist? Are you the manager? Or are you the label? Let Amazon know! You will be able to add to your team later.

5. Wait For Verification

Once you’re verified, you’ll have access to your analytics. That includes how people are searching for your music on Alexa, Amazon’s smart in home speaker. Go the extra mile and link your content with your lyrics through MusixMatch.

Need help? Contact your Smith Music Label/Artist rep to guide you through the process. DD