5 Things To Improve Your Spotify Presence

  1. Verify Your Spotify Artist Profile
    • Spotify makes it incredibly easy to verify your Artist Profile. First, you’ll need a Twitter account and a free Spotify account. Next, you will head over to Artists For Spotify to claim your profile using your Twitter account. It can take a few days to receive access to your profile. Once you’re able to log in, you will have access to all your growing Spotify analytic data and the Spotify curator pitching platform.
  2. Update Your Artist Photos and Bio
    • We here at Shake believe it is important to update your artist profile photos often, usually with every new release. Adjusting your artist branding to align with the aesthetic of your releases artwork will give your audience a sense of organization and focus on new content. 
  3. Link Your Tour Dates
    • You can link your Songkick account with your artist profile to share your upcoming tour dates with your listeners. Active followers receive an email when you are near their area. Make those listeners paying patrons at your next show!
  4. Playlist!
    • You still have great equity in your back catalog. Harness that power by creating a playlist featuring your biggest songs. Use the “Artist Pick” feature to highlight the playlist. Shake suggests adding your most recent single to the top for added spins! Don’t forget to update the cover art to reflect the release.
  5. Use Spotify Ad Studio
    • When you’ve finally mastered the above, it may be time to try out Spotify Ad Studio. Much like Facebook Ads, Spotify Ad Studio gives you the ability to promote your release to the millions of listeners on Spotify’s free tier. You can target to specific genres, regions and other demographics to maximize your visibility. Use a variety of ads, including display, audio and video!

These are just a start! If you’re interested in growing your music royalty revenue from Spotify and other Digital Services, shoot an email to help@smithmusic.com!