Austin Allsup – No Rest for the Weary

Taking one look at Austin, you can tell he’s doing just fine. After a decade & a half in the Red Dirt/Texas Country scene, he’s still going strong. He’s toured the region relentlessly, building his own career. Few bands stick around. Even fewer stick it out this long.

This Weary Land, his latest release, is a testament to his long journey balancing the life of a musician and that of a father and husband. “This record is pretty positive. There isn’t a lot of pessimism, or anything like that in the lyrics of this record. Its very uplifting, to me. I just felt like I was in a good place. Still am in my life; with family, work ethic and trying to stay true to who you are. That’s really where a lot of this record came from.”

For positive record, why name it This Weary Land?  “I think it comes from my dark side. We’re in a very volatile state with the world. Just people’s overall morals and where they stand and what is right or wrong. That song, This Weary Land, is still a positive song. The lyrics to that tune are ‘it’s hard to walk through this weary land with truth at heart and task at hand. Trouble can’t find me because I’m running.’ It’s really positive, dark song. I like that. I don’t know. Maybe it was about the mystique. Maybe that’s why I named it This Weary Land. Maybe a positive twist on a dark situation.”

At heart, Austin is a real Americana artist not bound by genre dogma and the notion of what a real record sounds like. “I never write for the genre. I just write for the song. If the song feels like its going to be Rock n’ Roll, then I’m definitely not going to steer away from that. Is it not country enough? Does it fit the mold for radio? It’s music, there’s not supposed to be a mold. That’s what we forget a lot. Especially in today’s society where everything is to a metronome. Metronomes are good, I’m not saying they’re not, but it’s almost robotic. You lose that sense of realism. Some of coolest records from back in the day, some of the most memorable moments are when the guitar was a little flat or the vocals were not perfect. But that’s what drew you in. I love it.”   DD