Charla Corn Kicks Butt

She’s a wonder woman, juggling her career as a radio personality, performer, small business owner and mother. “I love every single thing I do,” Charla says. “I’m not working towards one day not doing one of these jobs. Quitting radio or quitting music is never in my plans. It’s only to work it on my terms.”

“Radio isn’t something I thought I’d do, but it came about organically. It made sense from the very beginning. Especially since I’ve been on the morning show. We just hit our three year anniversary. Since starting the morning show, things have really clicked. Working alongside Justin Frazell has been a dream. He knows so much about radio and music. I’m just there to giggle. Every time I say that, he gets onto me. He’s like ‘you do way more than just giggle’. It’s now second nature, it doesn’t feel like work. Getting up at 4:15 every morning isn’t hard. My husband has the hard part. He has to get the kids ready. On Saturday and Sunday when I can cuddle with the kids it’s more precious. I love, love, love The Ranch and hope to be there for years. Since I do have that steady paycheck from them, I can do the music on my own terms now, too.”

Even with her full plate of projects, she’s still finding time for her music. “I’m writing a record. Instead of doing a GoFundMe and beg my fans to fund a record, I can pay for that myself. With my other ventures, I don’t have to play bar gigs until 2am. Having two kids, I can pick the fair and festival gigs that pay more. Especially since my kids are little and I’m aware of how fast that time goes by. I don’t think about all the things I’m doing, I literally take it one day at a time. A little here and a little there and over time it adds up. I don’t think about it, I just do it.”

How does she do it? Balancing her professional life with her duties as a mother? “I’m with my kids from 11-4 everyday. I can take them on the road with me or leave them at home if I feel like it’s not right. I just fill it out per day. We have a lot of help, living so close to my husband’s family and my folks drive in a lot. It takes a village for sure, otherwise I’d lose my mind. I’m blessed with a lot of great people and really easy kids. They are just so happy and joyful. I hope some of my joy has rubbed off on them.”

To top it all off, she’s got a new business venture that is helping people feel better about themselves. “The Charla Corn Beauty has taken off. I’ve always had a heart for helping people feel beautiful. Giving them tips and tricks. That’s how Cornfed started, my Youtube series. People would ask what I do for my hair and I was like ‘I’ll show you on Youtube’. I learned that people didn’t just want music from me. They wanted more. So I let them into my own home with these videos. Did hair and makeup tutorials, then the skin care fell on my plate. Not only do I make people feel beautiful and have great skin, I’m wearing half the makeup I used to wear. It’s helped me and others financially. Its turned into something bigger than anything I could have imagined. My whole life is a God thing. It wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for him orchestrating it.” DD