Dolly Shine – The Shake Interview

Dolly Shine has changed a bit since the last album, 2014’s All In. New line-up. New direction. Plenty of new faces to rock. Coming this month they plan on announcing their new album, recorded at Boyd Street Studio with bass player Ben Hussey at the helm. Soon, they’ll be releasing a single to radio and visiting radio stations to support it.

Borrowing heavy from the sounds of all of Dolly’s discography, this next album will be a long time coming. Since the departure of Josh Serrato (All In producer and current William Clark Green lead guitarist), Jerrod Flusche has stepped up duties as lead guitar player. This new album will feature a ton of new songs written by the current members of the band, paying homage to what came before and looking forward to the future.

For fans of the Stephenville sound, Dolly Shine has filled the vacuum left by Six Market Blvd.’s departure from the scene. There is a craving amongst the Texas Country fans that yearn for their rocking country bands that can’t be satisfied, and Dolly Shine is trying their best to scratch that itch. These guys keep hitting the road and playing in front of the rowdy, liquored up Texas crowds who love them. With this next album, maybe that success within the borders of the Lone Star State will translate to success within the Americana scene across the nation.

You can catch them on one of their many dates here in Texas, including a big shindig for Mardi Gras with Josh Abbott, Jason Boland and Whiskey Myers in Dallas.