Kaitlin Butts – The Shake Interview

She has put in the miles and the time. For the last year since the release of her album Same, Hell Different Devil; the spunky Oklahoma City resident, Kaitlin Butts, has been shaking things up.

While most musicians her age are learning who they are as artists, she is booking gigs and setting up radio interviews with the who’s who in the Texas Americana scene. Her album, a collaboration with Oklahoma producer and Red Dirt Legend Mike McClure, has been finding its way into the hands of radio DJs like Buddy Logan and Shane Hollinger. Tune the radio to 95.9 The Ranch while you drive through Fort Worth and you may hear her single, Gal Like Me, coming through the speakers. She doesn’t have a radio promoter. There is no big record label with a killer marketing strategy.

Kaitlin is setting an example for young artists just breaking into the scene. Instead of expecting to be George Strait overnight (or in her case Reba), she’s building her following with sweat equity. Its playing in front of as many people as possible. Its befriending the local DJs and slipping them a copy of her album. She has the confidence in her own work. There is a fire inside her for success that burns brighter than the red hair on her head and it is paying off. She makes her own luck by exporting her brand of country music outside her stomping grounds of Oklahoma City. With every dive bar and listening room she plays, she gains another grassroots fan that will spread the news of her talent.

Coming up this year there will be many chances to catch her. Rattle is looking forward to seeing her at Dalton Domino’s Drinko de Cinco celebration at The Blue Light in Lubbock, TX this coming May. DD