Jon Young – His Labor of Love

Towering above the crowd is Jon Young, with his booming voice and charismatic personality. We sat down at Magnolia Motor Lounge to discuss his new album, Ashes of Dreams of Fire. Recorded at Boyd Street Recording Studio in Stephenville, TX (where Jon Young resides), the project took almost two years for him and producers Ben Hussey and Josh Serrato to craft. “Yeah, about a year and three quarters” he chuckles. “We started in November of 2013 and it came out in October of this year [2015], so it was almost two years. It was a labor of love.”

That time has paid off with a polished album that showcases all three men’s talents. Though it took the better part of two years, they were only able to record for a few hours two days a week. “The reason we had to do it that way was Josh plays for Will (Clark Green) and Ben plays with Dolly Shine and Statesboro Revue. They were always on the road. If we could get two weeks out of a month, we were doing well. We’d start at 6 in the afternoon and end at 9 or 10 in the evening”

“They were very cool with me showing them what I wanted musically then we worked to create what I heard in my head. Josh said if I wanted it to sound like something to just give him an album or song. I’d come in sing the parts that were in my head and they’d put it on the record.”

Even as an Americana artist, Jon pushes the boundaries of such an exclusive genre. “There’s some country parts in there, but what you have to know about me is I started as a Rock n Roll artist. From the very get-go I wrote Rock songs. Had a rock band. What changed my perception of music was I got to hang with some very talented songwriters one night. Larry Joe Taylor Festival was going on. This must have been 2005. I got to hang out with them at the hotel after a show at Bostocks. Nobody came because of LJT. I went home and started doing more finger picking. Focused more on lyrics. It changed my entire style.”