BJ Barham – On The Winning Side

He stopped by in July during his Solo Acoustic tour through Texas. In tow was the dog, the rascal that appears on countless show posters, and his equally tattooed wife, Rachel.

BJ Barham is one of the hardest working musicians I’ve come across, having just played the night before in Austin. The night before that, Lubbock. When he came into Fort Worth, he went straight to our local radio station, 95.9 The Ranch, and jumped on air with Shayne Hollinger. After our session he would head directly to a sold out Solo Acoustic show at Magnolia Motor Lounge with John Moreland. An amazing feat for one man and a guitar.

We slipped into Bart Rose’s studio and filmed the first two singles off American Aquarium’s latest album, Wolves. Released in February of this year, the album is their sixth studio effort. We began with the current single, Losing Side of 25 and moved on to Wolves.  Broken down to just acoustic, they rang out with even more truth. Seeing him perform them in that intimate setting gave me chills. A haunting rendition for a man who’s battled for his sobriety and is constantly working on bettering himself.

We all sat in the control room afterward discussing the album, the interesting bass lines and how it was captured in an old church, mostly live, at Echo Mountain Recording in Asheville, NC. The dog slept at Rachel’s feet through the entire session. We grabbed a few CDs, a T-shirt and watched them roll out loaded with Topo Chico Limes toward Magnolia Motor Lounge. It was one of the more interesting sessions we’ve had.

American Aquarium’s following is growing in Texas, as they climb the Texas Music Charts and fill up venues like The Blue Light & The Kessler. They’ve gained a respect and accolades along the way, playing the big festivals like Musicfest and rocking the airwaves with the top DJs. Its been a long road to that success, but it sure seems worth it.

This month, BJ and the American Aquarium crew will be headed for a three week European Tour. He also did something he says he may never do in Losing Side of 25. He finally owns himself a home in his home state of North Carolina.

You can watch our exclusive studio session video with BJ Barham on our website. Thanks to Bart Rose for hosting us at Fort Worth Sound Studio. DD