Keegan McInroe – Music Over There

We sat down with Keegan McInroe before he set off for his latest European Tour. For those reading this now, Keegan has been bouncing around Europe promoting his latest album, Uncouth Pilgrims. Produced by Ben Napier of Green Audio Productions, it’s a long time coming for the traveling troubadour. “I travel with only my guitar and a bag. I keep it pretty simple. There are a few places where people I know join me and tour with. If you go somewhere, you should go back there instead of just spinning your wheels. Thankfully, I’ve met a lot of cool people that I want to go back and hang out with. I’ve done five tours since December 2012.”

Where did Keegan come up with the unique name for his newest album? “Mark Twain. Mark Twain did a lot of travel writing. In his book The Innocents Abroad, there is this pleasure cruise that leaves out of New York for six months. He gets commissioned by several papers that want him to send pieces back. It goes around Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. Because of this there are a lot of religious pilgrims that go to visit the Holy Land. There would be a guide in Jerusalem saying Jesus sat on this rock and they would hang back and take a chunk with a pick and hammer. He calls them Uncouth Pilgrims. When reading that I wrote it down and said ‘That would make an awesome album name.’ My last album was about love and the things we venerate. This album is about the other side of that. The Uncouth Pilgrim, the person who destroys the thing they venerate. The Romantic Pilgrim does the same thing. Some of it is road inspired. Some are true stories and some of it is exaggerations. Some of it is not me at all. It was fun because I made it uncouth. I named it Uncouth Pilgrims so it had to be a little uncouth. It was very freeing. I find it hard to write truthfully because you never know who might hear this. My granddad or grandmother. It had to have places of uncouthery. Ben did a great job on it. We took our time, kind of guerilla style. I’d call him and let him know I’m in town for a few days and see what we could do. There was many good musicians that came in on it and to hear it all put together is beautiful.”

Keegan is currently touring Europe. You can read his exploits on the Fort Worth Weekly blog and follow his exploits on social media! We look forward to seeing him on his return to Texas and grabbing a physical copy! DD