Calamity Janes – One of Those Days

They’re three sisters, each with a fiery disposition. The Calamity Janes introduced themselves by their hair color. Arwyn, the blonde. Alyssa, the redhead. Courtney, the brunette. We sat with them and their band at Chief Records to discuss their newest EP, Roots & Wings, and networking within the industry.

Arwyn: We threw down Gone To Texas first and that was all we were going to release. Bart (Rose) convinced us to do more. We had more material but not enough for a full album. He said we should do a five song EP.

Alyssa: We’re very fortunate that he heard that talent. We met him at Ranch Factor. He came up to us afterward and told us he wanted to record that Gone to Texas song. I really didn’t know who he was, I hadn’t heard of him.

Arwyn: I knew who he was. I knew exactly who he was.

Alyssa: Arwyn gets out more, she doesn’t have kids. (laughs)

Courtney: Yeah, she doesn’t have children. She dodged the bullet. She gets our children every now and then. She’s the Aunty Boss.(laughs)

Arwyn: I do act like a boss. (laughs) [The band] is my child.

Alyssa: Yeah, and Bart Rose is the dad. (laughs) But really, I am so grateful someone actually wanted to record us.

Courtney: We don’t suck too bad! (laughs)

Arwyn: Bart and I worked really well together. We spent a lot of time on the EP.

Alyssa: A lot of Fireball on that EP.

Courtney: We did drink an entire bottle of whiskey another band left in the studio.

Arwyn: I replaced it with an equally good bottle of whiskey. And brought some tacos as a condolence. Told him we’re terribly sorry. (laughs)

Alyssa: We feed Bart every time we see him because we feel bad. With the harmonies we do, (Arwyn) goes in and does her part and then we’re like who goes next? She gets what she needs to get done and it takes 30 minutes. Then we do harmony and it takes hours. Bart stops us and says do it like this. We keep doing it until it’s perfect. The recording process is interesting. Especially when Bart sings us our parts. (laughs)

Courtney: He hits those falsettos. (laughs) He’s amazing at his job.

Arwyn: He does it really well. (laughs) We told him we’re taking him on the road.

Alyssa: He brings his kids, we bring ours! (laughs)