Tori Martin – She’s Moving On Up

We sat with Tori Martin at Chief Records to discuss her new single, Woman Up. During this interview, a certain radio executive made headlines for comments on female artists being the tomatoes of the Country music salad. It seems that backlash against this stereotype is making positive change for the women in the Texas scene. “I couldn’t have planned that,” she chuckles. “Our single came out right when he said all that. Though it was negative, he shed light on the fact there isn’t enough females on radio. He did some good with his upside-down compliment.”

Woman Up had the highest debut. Most spin increase. Most adds. I was blown away. Then the next week it jumped thirty spots. Its a woman’s anthem, so it was great. Radio stations said they want to back females. I can’t thank them enough. They see I’m here to stay. I keep putting out quality music and they see I’m serious. The only way you can make them believe you is work hard. The Texas and Oklahoma scene wants to spin artists they believe in. The only way is to work hard, do radio tours and make them believe.”

Tori’s journey has led her back to where she started. “I recorded Woman Up with Grammy award winner Chuck Ebert at The Cabin in my hometown Azle, TX. When I first met him, I didn’t know any of that,” she says with a smile. “Its a weird story. He was the first person who took notice of me. Of my talent. At fourteen, I was singing in the church choir. I know it’s kind of cliche, but he was running sound and heard me singing. He saw the raw talent since the beginning. He’s seen me evolve. I went my own way and did my own thing then made my way back. Its amazing to have such a quality product.”

Soon, you can see Tori’s music video to Woman Up, produced by Nation Wide Disc’s The Source. “We did it with (director) Cameron Smith. We came up with the story line, it’s a group effort. We shot it at Nationwide. It has my flair in it, too. Its cool.” DD