Saints Eleven – Patience of a Saint

Jeff Grossman is feeling good about where Saints Eleven, the country-rock band he fronts, is going. Their second album, “I Told You”, has been out since Feb 11th, and has already seen success on the Texas music charts, having broken the top 50. “I really try not to worry about chart position. I’m more worried about what town can I go to next and how to get butts in the seats. We do a lot of travelling and try not to over saturate ourselves.”

Saints Eleven stepped into the studio with Bart Rose to craft their latest project. “I’ve known Bart for 25 years. We’ve grown up in the business together. I was going to do the first with him, but John David Kent really liked our stuff and we thought “How cool would that be for John David Kent do the record. We’ll let Bart do the next one,” Jeff chuckles. “When I was writing for this album, it was a melting pot of all my influences. I’m a huge bluegrass fan. Delta blues like Robert Johnson. Lightnin’ Hopkins is a big influence. Buck Owens & Dwight Yoakam. Love the Bakersfield sound. That’s a big inspiration for our new single “Turn to Rust”. I want to bring that style of music back to country radio. They call it country radio, but it’s not country. I want to bring that vibe back to the radio waves.”

Though “I Told You” hasn’t been out long, Jeff is already working on his next studio project. “The album still has a lot of life in it. We’re on our first single, but I like to be prepared. I’m really picky about tunes I put out. I don’t want them to sound like crap. It takes me awhile to write. I have ADD. If it’s not a song that really hits me and I sit and knock it out, it takes me a couple months to push it out. TV and Radio have to be off and still I’ll write half a song and I’ll get up and do something else. Thank God for technology. I’ll be driving down the road and think of something really cool and have to type it into my phone. If I don’t, I will forget it. Now I make sure I have a notepad or my phone handy.” DD