Brandon Adams – Rearview Mirror

Stephenville was the place. Brandon Adams pulled up his deep roots in Lubbock and made his way east. “I was under an Indie Label and our contract was up. They haven’t contacted me in three years, so I’m sure its up” he chuckles. “I said I was done and moved on. Me and my pops started our own record label. In this day and age with the technology, you can make a good record on a low budget. A lot of people spend a ton of money on a record that doesn’t sound any better just for the name of the studio, the name of the producer or engineer. Don’t over think it.”

Brandon’s newest record, On Through The Night, was recorded at the up-and-coming Boyd Street Recording Studio. “Yeah, it was done at Josh (Serrato) and Ben (Hussey)’s place. It has two older songs. Three of them are co-writes, one with Trent Langford of No Dry County. That song even appeared on the last No Dry County record. Wrote one with Ross Cooper. One with Heath Tolleson of The Goners. Its the most developed sound I’ve ever had. Most people are aware of The Sad Bastards. We were a real Lubbock Rock-N-Roll band. In Lubbock, that’s cool, we did our thing and it worked well there. Moving away from there gave me a new perspective. Working with new people like Josh and Ben. Jay Saldana came and played drums. We kept it very much a four piece. I like the Rock-N-Roll vibe, turn the amps up and rock out. Jon Young came and sang harmonies. To be honest it was a lot of fun making this one.  All of us have been friends for a few years now and that made everything really easy. Whenever you work with someone new in the industry, you’re going to do something different. It only expands what you can do, if it’s playing, promoting or recording music. It makes it bigger. Better. Most of the time.”

Brandon Adam’s newest EP, On Through The Night, will be available soon. Find when he plays your area next and grab yourself a copy. DD