Joey Green – Joey Goes to War

Coming off a his single, Summer Time Lovin’ – recorded at Studio B at Fort Worth Sound, Joey Green is back with his newest full length album, The War. “We did the record up in Nashville with the guy who produced Lo 5, Ken Coomer. He’s the former drummer of Wilco. Lots of cool players on it. The guitarist for Tonic & Johnny Lang, Alison Krauss’ piano player, and Ken played drums on it. A studio bass player that bounces around Nashville. We did it at Ken’s new studio. Patrick Miller engineered it, he’s originally from Dallas. Eleven tunes that are more polished than anything I’ve ever put out. I just like these tunes. Its a cool record. We narrowed down forty-five songs to eleven. I only sent Ken twenty-five, so from there we made eleven. At least I’m not struggling for material. Its called The War, distributed digitally by Smith Music Group. It’s our first project that’s our baby. We didn’t shop it out for a distribution deal. It’s our first 100% independent project.”

Its been over two years since Green’s last release, Lo 5. With this new record it marks a departure from his previous band. “We had a smaller budget than last time, but since Ken owned the studio we got a better deal,” he laughs. “Lo 5 used my band I had at the time. This one is a studio band with seasoned guys. They learned the songs in the studio and we cut it four times, take the best one. What was cool about it was getting a new take on these songs from guys who don’t usually play with me. Its fresh on their ears. so when they come in and play they do something your usual live band might not think or be able to do. It was good to have seasoned musicians. You want a motown bass line, he does it like clockwork. I still got to play guitar on it and sing a lot of my back-up harmonies. This project was much cooler because there wasn’t too many chiefs and not enough indians. Producer was in charge and everyone got it. They got his jargon. He would say what to do and everyone got it right off the bat.”

If you follow Joey Green on social media, you will notice he is constantly gigging.  How does the new album sound compared to the live performance? “I have a whole new band. A lot of my last band went on to bigger and better things. My old drummer went on to play for Johnny Cooper. Guitar player got a job at Halliburton. He’d been with me for twelve years. Families and other things. Bass player moved to Nashville. All that happened, so I brought back my first bass player that I ever had and hired a drummer. So, I brought on some good guys and we’re now a three piece. I feel like Phil Pritchett or Mike McClure. I’m cool with that. Good company and I’ll take it.”