Chuck Taylor – The Shake

There are a lot of things shaking in the music scene these days from all the new bands and artists, to music in general. One thing that caught my attention recently was the comments by a mainstream country radio consultant, Keith Hill, who compared programming country music to a salad. In his words, male artists were the “lettuce” and female artists were “tomatoes.” He said basically that male artists were where most of your attention to the music should be, and that female artists should be played sparingly. Now I don’t know about you, but my favorite part of the salad IS the tomatoes. I mean lettuce is ok, but there’s no flavor to it, no tartness, no juice, much like the homogenized “bro” country coming out of Nashvegas these days! Now let’s take a closer look at an artist that Mr. Hill would consider a “tomato,” Kacey Musgraves. Here’s a FEMALE artist from Texas that is all about shaking it up! Kacey has that Texas attitude that appeals to both male and female listeners. Her music addresses current topics from gay rights to sticking your nose in other people’s business. A recent article reveals that she recently stood up to her record label by telling them she was not going to change what they felt was an offensive word in her current single “Biscuits.” She also told them she was sticking with her original release date for the album instead of delaying the release as the label wanted. Kacey’s not afraid of radio either, calling out a corporate radio group who decided they were going to “pull” her song from rotation. That’s ballsy! As for the songs themselves? They speak to fans both male and female. They’re real, raw, and unapologetic. For Kacey, she’s just writing what she knows, but for those of us who are tired of the way country music has changed from speaking to the common man to being commercialized BS, a “Tomato” from Texas is adding some flavor to our country music salad and giving hope that other artists will follow her example and start turning out REAL country music. CT