E23: Aaron Einhouse

Aaron Einhouse and Quayde stowed away in the band van before the last street show at The Blue Light. Aaron discusses his creative drive to just make stuff that wasn’t there before, doing his own videos and artwork for his songs. We discuss the mountain states they’ve been hitting, and those populations being genuinely hungry for the music – we’re pretty spoiled here in Texas. We talk about recording at Jumping Dog Studio with Ron Flynt, where Walt Wilkins records his albums, and how the road has become Aaron’s office. This podcast gets a lot of cameos from other artists, radio DJs and bandmates. Listen in to hear who shows up.

S3 E4: Tribute to Chris Whitley

This fourth installment of The Keegan McInroe Radio Hour is a tribute of sorts to the Texas born artist Chris Whitley, with some random Flemish phrases thrown in for random good measure.