E30: Garrett Bryan

After a lot of joint procrastination, Quayde and Garrett Bryan finally sit down before Garrett’s album release at Magnolia Motor Lounge. You may know him from Callahan Divide, but after a clean break with those guys, he’s starting out on a solo career. They talk about the first CD Garrett ever bought, the inspiration behind Aliens & Ice Cream, and the future of radio. We also hear a story about how he was almost eaten by an elk in Ruidoso. So listen in, then go grab a copy of Garrett’s Break the Levee on any of the music channels you partake in. We’ll leave you with this: respect the shuffle.

E28: Giovannie Yanez

Listen in as Quayde banters back and forth with Giovannie Yanez of Giovannie & The Hired Guns. Gio and his guys are from the Lipan/Stephenville area – one of the many heaters coming out of that scene. You may know him as the guy who wears white slacks with cowboy boots, or a Bob Ross t-shirt. We hear about why their tour manager won’t drive their band van, the vibration sensation, and how sometimes tour dates don’t necessarily make sense with travel patterns. Also, catch a subtle pun about their drummer Adam, and how he’s always on time. The band’s got an album out called Bad Habits, available on all the different platforms you can get music on. Go forth and find it.