E19: Shea Abshier

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Quayde sat around a patio table with Shea Abshier & The Nighthowlers at The Blue Light Live the night they opened for the one and only Red Shahan. This tale is told in two parts – one before their set, and one afterwards. Shea’s got an album out now, Potluck, that they recorded at Melody Mountain Studios. This crew has some interesting Shooter Jennings connections, including Shea’s grandma being the sheriff in Baylor County (Busted in Baylor County) when Shooter infamously came through down there. We talk Stephenville with these natives, and the talent currently pumping out of the area. And because we knew you were curious…we finally get to hear the story behind the band’s name, the Nighthowlers, and its Disney roots.

E18: Mark McKinney

This entry is part of 49 in the series Quayde Things Podcast
After barely surviving Colorado, Quayde comes to us with Mark McKinney before his set at The Spoon in Lubbock. Mark has been a longtime staple in the scene, with five albums and a live record under his belt. He’s currently writing for his next one, which promises to have a more stripped-down sound. Meanwhile, he and his wife Cassie are working with AJ Vallejo on some off-the-wall projects inspired by the pop electronic movement. We’re intrigued. This husband/wife duo is also managing to find time to write a cookbook, tentatively called A Texan’s Guide to a Bitchin’ Kitchen – coming soon to a merch table near you!
QTP PSA: Check out Third Coast Theater while you’re fishing and beaching in Port Aransas. It’s a great listening room, and is just starting back up with shows after this past year’s devastating hurricane.