Quayde Things Podcast E32: Canaan Bryce

Fort Worth parking lot podcasting continues with Canaan Bryce on this week. He chats with Quayde on how an opening slot turned into a career-highlighting song swap with Red Shahan. City Limit Sign is Canaan’s new single out now, and he’s been working on recording an album out at Melody Mountain Studio (aiming to release this fall). Quayde and Canaan chat about the home bar complex and the importance of merch; you know you’ve seen Canaan Bryce shirts around. Upon hearing Canaan’s impending plans to head out west, Quayde explains to us the epic-ness of the burn shot at The Blue Light. The Blue Light always wins.

E30: Garrett Bryan

After a lot of joint procrastination, Quayde and Garrett Bryan finally sit down before Garrett’s album release at Magnolia Motor Lounge. You may know him from Callahan Divide, but after a clean break with those guys, he’s starting out on a solo career. They talk about the first CD Garrett ever bought, the inspiration behind Aliens & Ice Cream, and the future of radio. We also hear a story about how he was almost eaten by an elk in Ruidoso. So listen in, then go grab a copy of Garrett’s Break the Levee on any of the music channels you partake in. We’ll leave you with this: respect the shuffle.