Quayde Things Podcast E18: Mark McKinney

After barely surviving Colorado, Quayde comes to us with Mark McKinney before his set at The Spoon in Lubbock. Mark has been a longtime staple in the scene, with five albums and a live record under his belt. He’s currently writing for his next one, which promises to have a more stripped-down sound. Meanwhile, he and his wife Cassie are working with AJ Vallejo on some off-the-wall projects inspired by the pop electronic movement. We’re intrigued. This husband/wife duo is also managing to find time to write a cookbook, tentatively called A Texan’s Guide to a Bitchin’ Kitchen – coming soon to a merch table near you!
QTP PSA: Check out Third Coast Theater while you’re fishing and beaching in Port Aransas. It’s a great listening room, and is just starting back up with shows after this past year’s devastating hurricane.